Segway Fun Ride

Social distancing made fun with Gogreen Segway Fun Ride. Hop onto Sentosa's popular fun and family friendly Segway Fun Ride at Gogreen attraction for an introductory exciting ride on the Segway Personal Transporter.

Segway Fun Ride

Duration: 800 metres


Sentosa Bicycle Rental

Enjoy the lush greenery and the scenic sights of Sentosa, and have fun discovering nooks and corners that you may never have known existed on Sentosa with 3 distinct cycling routes!

Sentosa Bicycle Rental 1 Hour

Duration: 1 hour


U.P $15.00

Sentosa Bicycle Rental 2 Hours

Duration: 2 hours


U.P $18.00

Sentosa Bicycle Full Day Rental

Duration: Whole Day


Sentosa Bicycle Overnight Rental

Duration: 24 Hours/Overnight