Effective Communication and Teamwork, Leadership and Personal Development, Problem-Solving, Creativity and Innovation, Initiative and Decision Making, Group Consensus, Personal Discipline

Our team of adventurers has been sent on a mission to excavate an ancient island city in Southern Island and recover a legendary totem that’s rumored to be new power source. Moments before arriving at your destination, an unexpected storm shipwrecked your ship and you are washed ashore. Now stranded in the vast island and exposed to an unrelenting storm, your only hope for survival is to quickly excavate the island, find the parts to a radio and rebuild it to call for help. If, however, any of your team expires from thirst and hunger or the storm gets too intense, your whole team loses and you become permanent artifacts of the Forbidden Island.

Are you ready to go exploring? Each team will have to work together to decode secret messages hidden around the island and go through a series of physical activities, where they will be challenged on their communication and teamwork skills. The team that completes the challenge with the fastest average time wins!

Amazing Race

Objectives: Effective Planning, Effective Communication and Teamwork, Leadership and Personal Development, Problem-Solving, Group Cohesion, Synchronicity, Active Listening, Coordination

Traders and seafarers spoke long ago of a mythical island in the southern seas of Singapore where fields of wheat grew beneath the auspices of great mountains. Forests, too, grew near the clay-rich hills. Gold! The shout was heard across Singapore. Gold had been discovered on the Southern Islands! Groups of enterprising settlers finally decided to settle the island hoping the recent finds would help them succeed. Your team of settlers has just arrived on the island and must now race against time and other settlers to learned how to mine for gold and build settlements, hoping to succeed where the former settlers did not.

Outdoors, competitive, high energy, strategic, creative, communication It’s fast, It’s furious, it‘s fun! In this race against the clock, teams will need to use their thinking skills to set the strategy, solve the clues and get as many questions answered as possible. Be ready to take some creative and beautiful pictures.

The more clues you can solve, the more chances you have of winning!



Can you trust the words of a smuggler? Are they really bringing what they declare. A game of wits and tricks to manoeuvre their opponent's gold coin from them. Beware, you might lose more gold if you let your guards down.

Mine Field

Success depends on your group’s communication as you navigvate through the mine field in total darkness. Thread with caution but time is against your side, can you complete the mission within the time frame or your whole team will fail the mission when the timer hits 0.

Water Filing

With limited resources on the island, water is the most essential for survival. With nothing but your bare hands, work with your team and fill up the pail with water. Speed and coordination is the key!

A Giant Snake

Grab any movable items and form the longest giant snake line to win this. Innovation and creativity is the key to beat this mission.

Olympic Den: Football

Football with a twist. Team that scores the most points wins. Beware, random abilities will be given to any players during the mission to have the advantage.

Olympic Den: Shot Put

Strength! Wits! Accuracy! Can your team work together to get the most balls into the hoop?

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