Gogreen @ Downtown East

Looking for some leisure activities to do in the East? Head over to Downtown East and we have some fun and exciting rides to offer! Visit us at the newly revamped Downtown East and zoom around on fun and safe mobility devices with family and friends together with Gogreen. Discover Pasir Ris Park, check out the newly revamped downtown east market square and the neighbourhood, all effortlessly on the Segway miniPRO, Segway electric scooter and a range of non-electric kids scooters. All devices are safety certified and approved for use on public pavements and parks. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at Gogreen @ Downtown East for great fun and exciting adventure!

Great for friends and families

Rent a Segway miniPRO or electric scooter. Both are great alternatives to riding a bicycle and the perfect activity to spend time exploring the Downtown East area with your familes and friends. Finding activities after a round of BBQ at D’ Resort? You can do an overnight rental of the Segway miniPRO or electric scooter and scoot to Pasir Ris Park and the neighbourhood in the quiet cool night.

Kids Friendly Devices

Create great childhood memories for your kids and take them off the screen. Rent a Yvolution 2 or 3 wheelers and allow the kids to enjoy mini adventures, physical play and develop confidence. The award winning Yvolution devices backed up by Science actively to help improve gross motor skills, balance, spatial awareness, coordination and even emotional development at a young age!

Terms & Conditions
- All online promotions are not available for walk-in request.
- Complimentary training and helmets are provided.
- Security deposit of government issued ID is required for the rental (Student Card, Identity Card, Driving License or Passport)
- Damage or lost of equipment will be chargeable deemed necessary by the company.
- The company will not be liable for any injury sustained during the use of the equipment.