The Segway® Personal Transporters

Gogreen Holdings is the exclusive distributor of Segway® Personal Transporters (PTs) in Singapore.
  • The Segway® i2

    Minimalist design, multitude of uses.

    The perfect synthesis of form, function and fun, the Segway® i2 lets you glide through your daily commute or zip from errand to errand without worrying about parking.

    The i2 can take you 24 miles/38 km or up to 480 city blocks on a single charge*, powering itself smoothly up or down stairs and curbs, and keeping you in control as it handles steep grades.

    Need to use more than one form of transportation? The versatile i2 can be easily stowed in the trunk of a car or carried onto many modes of public transit with permission.

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  • Segway® x2

    Tuned for Cross-Terrain.

    The Segway® x2's deeply threaded, all-terrain tires can master intimidating patches of dirt, gravel, grass, or sand. A special adaptation of Segway Inc.'s dynamic stabilization technology and a wider track maximize stability, while the x2's higher ground clearance ensures that steep hills, uneven trails, and errant rocks won't impede your ride.

    It can carry you up to 12 miles/19km on a single charge*, and when you want to transport your x2 to an off-pavement destination, oversized handles make it easy to hoist it in or out of a vehicle.

    Wherever your pursuit of the adrenaline rush takes you, pure exhilaration is sure to follow as the x2 propels you over the landscape, instantly responding to your every move.

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